Iliya Yanev
Senior Automation QA
Sofia, Bulgaria

Iliya is a QA professional with six years of experience. Before joining MentorMate, all his positions have been in the QA automation field. In his current role, he works mainly on automation and a bit of back-end and DevOps tasks. His daily responsibilities include identifying and removing bugs in projects as well as helping colleagues. Iliya has worked with a small team that grew to more than 80 people and considers this one of his most outstanding professional achievements. He is very interested in each aspect of a project’s automation – writing and testing the code, reaching production, and automating everything from this cycle. Iliya’s interests include AWS, Docker, Kafka, Jenkins, Spring Boot, and Selenium. He is also an AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate 2020, Docker Mastery, DevOps on AWS. He likes playing the guitar and hiking.