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Auto & QE Academy

Boost your quality assurance skills while mastering the ins and outs of automation testing. Apply for our remote Auto & QE Academy and learn how to be a successful Quality Engineer, no matter where you’re based. The program is free of charge and is powered by MentorMate, with the kind support of Skillo.


What Is MentorMate Auto & QE Academy

Our 4-month training program is designed to provide QA specialists with wide knowledge of automation testing and quality engineering — from writing code, to planning it, measuring its success, and combining it with manual testing. Automation is the core of the first 3 months of training, followed by 1 month focused on Quality Engineering. The sessions will be held online twice a week (7:00pm—10:00pm). Completing the academy will help you accelerate your career and continue as an Automation QA, Full-Stack QA, or Quality Engineer.

Learn how to write code and use it to achieve quality
Accelerate your career by gaining new skills
Learn from highly experienced QA professionals
Become an Automation QA, Full-Stack QA, or Quality Engineer


Phase 1
Automation basics

In the first phase, you’ll learn the basics of automated testing and what the different types of automated testing are. We’ll also examine the basics of Java programming and how to set up TestNG.

Phase 2
Testing APIs

The second phase will cover the best practices for API automated testing, and how to use REST Assured framework.

Phase 3
Automating user interactions with web app UI

After that, the focus will switch to automated UI testing and the implementation of user interactions (clicking elements, selecting dropdown options, uploading/downloading files, taking screenshots) with the browser using Selenium, along with the best practices for locating elements on a page. You’ll also learn the most commonly used design patterns in automated testing; what CI/CD is, its concepts and usage.

Phase 4
Quality Engineering

This phase is about Quality Engineering, and it will be presented by MentorMate professionals with over 15 years of combined experience. It will focus on building effective QA strategies, how to create an automation testing framework that scales, how to analyze an existing automation framework, and how to propose ways to improve it if needed. In the end, you’ll learn what pipeline is, how to integrate the automated tests with it, how to identify if the pipeline is effective, and how it can be improved.

Phase 5
Building QA Strategy

The participants in the program will work on a challenge on how to build a QA strategy for a complex project.


Assurance of Top Quality

MentorMate’s QA team is growing and evolving all the time. Currently, it consists of 160 specialists who ensure the quality of our products both manually and through writing code on C#, Java, Python, and JavaScript. We have trained over 100 team members in our Automation QA Course, an internal training covering object-oriented programming and automation using Selenium WebDriver (Java/C#).

Meet the Trainers

Technology Principal Quality Engineering, Mentormate

Georgi Ivanov

Georgi started his career back in 2009. He’s spent the past decade building frameworks, automation processes, coding standards and resolving complicated architectural and functional challenges. Georgi is fluent in several programming languages and in 2021 was awarded QA of the Year by the QA: Challenge Accepted conference. Georgi likes snow and sharing his knowledge, and he’s also a beer expert.

QA Architect, Mentormate

Iliya Yanev

Iliya is excited about every aspect of automation in a project – writing and testing code, delivery to the client, and automation of everything in the cycle. His preferred technologies include AWS, Docker, Kafka, Jenkins, Spring Boot, and Selenium. An AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate 2020, Iliya likes to share his knowledge and has, among others, led an ISTQB Advanced level test automation course. His hobbies are playing the guitar and hiking.

Senior QA Engineer at Lab08 and Trainer at Skillo

Valentin Nikolov

Valentin has 17+ years of QA experience. He’s been creating automation frameworks from scratch — Java-based API integration tests (REST Assured/Spring), e2e solutions with Selenium WebDriver, and Appium for mobile apps. He feels at home with Linux, Docker, and Docker orchestration tools used for CI/CD. He’s recently started to run internal courses for colleagues. He loves to spend his free time with friends or a good book or just walk and see new places.

QA Manager, Mentormate

Dilyana Totseva

With 13+ years of QA experience, Dilyana manages a team of 40 QAs across multiple locations. Her main area of expertise is managing wide-scale projects developed and tested by global teams. The past years, her main focus has been healthcare products, HIPAA compliance, KPIs definitions, quality standards, metrics, and processes. She’s a mother of two boys and an avid traveler. She likes to spend her free time with friends and family and travel to the mountains.

QA Manager, Mentormate

Vera Petkova

Vera leads a team of 45 QAs that use a variety of technologies such as Java, Python, and C#. One of her many roles is to manage the QA Department Automation Strategy Execution. Vera’s expertise includes integration and component testing, estimation, strategies, and innovations. In addition to being a true professional, she finds it important to share her knowledge and inspire her team to hone their skills every day. Vera likes to play tennis and has a goal-oriented spirit.

Director of Quality and Process, Mentormate

Jeni Kyuchukova

Jeni has been with MentorMare for nearly 13 years, facing new challenges and different projects, from small- to large-scale. She’s been part of projects transformation from purely manual to building and executing effective automation strategies. She’s also been building successful combinations of manual and automation to achieve efficient process and quality products and cost-effective solutions for MentorMate clients. Jeni is a Star Wars fan, and she also likes to create DIY games for her child. 

You Need To Have

1+ years of professional experience in the QA field
Excellent spoken and written English
Understanding of REST and experience with web services testing
Strong analytical and problem solving skills
Good communication and teamwork skills
Strong desire to upskill your automation knowledge
One step away

Application Process

Our goal is to find the best among the best Quality Assurance experts in the country and to turn them into Auto & Quality Engineers. After applying, you’ll be invited for a short online interview. The best candidates will be invited to start the program.

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